Case Study: My Experience With Injuries

Case Study: My Experience With Injuries

TMJ and Jaw Specialists as One of the Dentists You Need to Know About

With the mention of dentistry, one can only imagine his family dental office where he or she goes for general checkups and cleanings. One would need to know that there are many specialties in the dentistry. It would be critical for one to know some of the roles each type of dentist plays. In a case where you, for example, suffer frequent headaches accompanied by jaw aches and facial pain, you may need to consider visiting a jaw specialist near you. There are chances that you may feel that you jaw joints feel stuck, or locked or even experience pain when yawning or when opening and closing your mouth meaning that you need to seek help from a jaw specialist. You may also need to visit a jaw specialist near you in a case where you feel a popping or a clicking noise in the jaw.

The general dentist tend to focus more on dental cleaning, educating patients, taking dental X-rays, as well as making sure that the patients know how to take care of their teeth. The general dentist tend to play a role in whitening the teeth, taking preventive measures to make sure that there are no decays. You would need to note that temporomandibular joint treatment may demand a TMJ specialist near you for the best results.

Orthodontists is yet another kind of a dentist who is commonly known for installing braces. One would need to remember that an orthodontist tend to play more than just the installing of braces role. Among the roles orthodontists tend to play includes dealing with supporting facial structures for functional and cosmetic reasons. The orthodontist may not only install braces but also tend to deal with righting misaligned teeth as well as the jaw bone.

You would also need to know of the oral and maxillofacial surgeon as yet another type of special dentist. The major roles of the oral and maxillofacial dentist are to deal with any hard and soft tissue issues both within the mouth as well as outside the mouth. A periodontist is yet another specialist who specially deals with gums problems. In a case where one has an extreme gum inflammation and pain, he or she would need to consult a periodontist. One would also need to know of a prosthodontist who tends to focus more on tooth implants, veneers, bridges, and crowns. Among other types of dentists include endodontist who deals with the inner part of the teeth, oral pathologists, oral radiology, as well as pediatric dentist.

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